Quarter Five

"What would you do with three additional months a year?"
Business Consulting

Q5 partners with your business to identify and develop solutions for the most critical challenges you are facing related to effectively managing change.

Executive Coaching

Q5 works alongside executive leaders as they navigate through complex and consequential change. 


Q5 supports your business and teams when you need a partner for planned or unforeseen executive vacancies.

with Us

We would be honored to talk with you about partnering to support you as you and your business navigate change.

What We Do

At Quarter Five, we ask, "What would you do with three additional months a year?"

When you partner with Quarter Five,

we provide the capacity to create that reality.

Q5 represents an extra quarter in the year to focus on

your most important needs.

About Our Founder

Myla Skinner is the founder and managing partner of Quarter Five. Myla does this work and leads with a constant, consistent and unwavering belief in the power of love and how it can transform how we live, work and do business. She grounds her work in "calling people in and not out" and she unapologetically uses love as a lens and filter for engaging with the partners she is honored to do work alongside. 

Myla is a true leader for racial equity in Chicago. She has a robust career in the social sector and is one of the most profound leaders for racial equity and inclusion that I have ever crossed paths with. She is a true gamechanger.

Emily N., Loyola University Chicago

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