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About Us

Quarter Five (Q5) represents an extra quarter in the year to focus on the things that matter most.
We know that true partnership matters - we are that true partner.

Our partnership includes:

Business Consulting

  • Executive Leadership Transitions and Team Restructures 

  • Individual, Team, and Leadership Development Through Change

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Design and Implementation

Executive Coaching

Executive Partnership and Coaching During Complex and Consequential Change

  • Transitions

  • Restructures

  • Navigating Complex Issues and Crisis Response

Recruiting and Hiring

Matching diverse talent to your organizations needs

Q5 is obsessive about our Core Values


We believe that love is an action. Love has the power to transform how we live, do business, and work together.


There is no journey that we must take alone. We form communities in and around one another to learn, grow, do better, and be better.


We inquire with a belief in better understanding. True curiosity requires us to tell less and instead to ask more.

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