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For Employers

Efforts to build diverse teams begin with the process of identifying the right candidates and then ushering them through a process that honors their wholeness. Inviting someone into your organization as an employee begins from the moment they chose to apply for the role; because of this Q5 is committed to a process that supports both the candidate and the business as our clients.

Quarter Five is an extension of your organization. Throughout the hiring process we represent you as our first client. We are looking to identify candidates that address your unique needs as an employer. We screen candidates both on their skills and experience but also their connection to and for the role, team, and organization. Like all of Quarter Five’s services, we tailor our recruiting and hiring services to match you and your organization. We want to know more about what you do, how you do it, and what is important to your success to ensure that we are able to find candidates that will advance and propel your efforts.

For Candidates

Quarter Five understands that looking for your next opportunity requires a great deal of your time, energy, and efforts. The candidates we work alongside have committed to identifying opportunities that match their experience and provide them an opportunity to apply their skills in ways that support them and the organization that work within. Our commitment to you is to provide you with clarity about processes so you know when and how your time will be spent. We work alongside you to ensure that you have the opportunity to bring the best you to every engagement with an employer. Our interest is matching you to the role that is especially for your unique gifts, skills, and abilities.

Recruiting &

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