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Q5 is an extension of the employer throughout the hiring process.

Our Process with Employers

Glass Buildings


Recruiting &


Understanding Your Organization and Business through Engagement 

We will spend time getting to know more about your organization. We want to understand what makes your work special and unique. Here, we will look to know more about the work you do, how you do it, and the culture you have built.


Getting to Know the Role

After we have spent time better understanding your organization’s work, we want to know more about the role you are seeking to fill. We will seek to understand what this person will do, and what skills and experience they should have. We will also discuss other things we should consider about the role as we are seeking to identify the right candidates.


Who Are Your People

Every organization has a distinct and unique way of operating and therefore, there are people who simply ‘fit well’ in that environment. While Quarter Five will always push you to expand your thinking about the type of person who is the ‘right fit’ we will also seek to better understand the characteristics and attributes of employees that have made your work successful. Hiring is both an art and a science – here, we leverage our artfulness to truly understand the human that will fill the next seat in your organization.


Honoring Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We remain obsessive about ensuring that we are identifying candidates that represent the beauty of the world around us and we only work with employers who hold this same commitment. To do this, throughout each step of the hiring process, we will set role-specific diversity goals. This ensures that you have access to candidates that will advance your work in meaningful and impactful ways. The candidates we work together to place must feel as if they are part of organizations that welcome their wholeness and where they have the opportunity to thrive.

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